personality development

Due to my education and experience I am convinced that people have an innate gift to develop the full spectrum of their abilities. My goal is to help people with this task. By getting people understand their fears and creating an open space, I help them concentrate on their potential and thus foster their growth and awareness.

This seminar projects an atmosphere of awakening: It makes us curious to discover unrealized abilities in ourselves. The seminar “Personality Development” rests upon an experience-based learning process and working on the differences between self-perception and external-perception of each participant, which he/ she recognizes during the group process. Personality development means individual work with each participant in group-oriented processes. It includes working on oneself with the assistance of supportive and constructive intervention by the trainer and the group.

The seminar centers on an orientation as on the development of resources in terms of social and personal skills, as well.


“People travel to far away countries in order to marvel: at the height of mountains, the gigantic waves of the sea, at the lenght of rivers, the width of oceans, at the circulation of stars. However they pass themselves without any sense of wonder.”



content and objectives

  • To increase social and emotional skills
  • To discover one’s own potential for development
  • To enhance the empathy for one-self and others
  • To recognize inhibiting dogmas and patterns
  • To work at one’s self-worth
  • To access inner most resources and learn how to use those
  • To obtain person-related communication / constructive feedback
  • To broaden conscience by methods for relaxation, breathing exercises and yoga


methods of this seminar

Breathing and relaxation exercises; focusing; work with creative media; reflection of one’s own development history; brief theory inputs; yoga; individual work and a constant comparison of self-perceptions and external perceptions within the group, with the assistance of constructive feedback.


The duration of this seminar is 3,5 days. The continuous attendance of all participants is of the utmost importance. Due to past experience I prefer to start with the seminar e.g. on wednesday afternoon (at about 4 p.m.) and conclude it with a jointly taken lunch.



As my approach is focused on the individual, the number of participants should not be higher than 8.

An atmosphere of awakening: it makes us curious to discover unrealized abilities in ourselves

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