working method

Various educations, some of which took several years, gave me a broad repertory of methods. This enables a profound knowledge, structure and flexibility in seminars and in coaching. Another equally meaningful pillar of my work is based on personal dispositions: empathy, presence, attention, appreciation and acceptance. As Carl Gustav Jung once said:“ You cannot change what you don’t accept.“
Lasting and profound processes of development and change are based on a holistic approach and method-mix. My work in personality development processes consists of today’s psychological knowledge and ancient traditional knowledge about the soul’s well-being. In seminars as in coaching it is important to create a space and frame, within which development can take place and the self healing powers of the participants can unfold.


working mile stones (since 1988)

  • Facilitation of personality development processes: seminars and coaching

  • Facilitation of team development processes: seminars and coaching

  • Conflict as an opportunity: seminars and coaching

  • Wisdoms from ancient cultures: an exceptional personality development seminar

  • Burnout-prevention-measures: seminars and coaching
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